Action Dog Association

All breeds of dog that are willing to eat or use their nose to smell around can
make their family a good Action Dog. The household dogs are willing to help
their owner find their lost items when they are trained to do so. Some of the
major items people lose weekly- Car Keys, Cell Phone, TV Remote, Wallet,
Glasses or Sun Glasses.

Most owners do not understand or know that so many breeds from Chihuahua to
Wolfhound can be taught to be a Action Dog. Dogs find things via instinct.
Owners can train them to isolate and find items as needed. Training your dog to
become a Action Dog is great for the dog and helpful for the household. With a
trained Action Dog you will be able to have your dog find your lost items.

“Why Teach Action Dog Nose Work”

1. Great exercise and personal interaction with owner and their dogs
2. Fun way to show off to friends and family
3. A trained Action Dog can be extremely helpful in the event one is late for work
due to lost keys
4. Great upcoming sport in which a Action Dog and owner can participate
5. Owners do not need a special location, season, License, or expensive
6. Great family activity that will keep a dog active while giving it a useful/ helpful
7. Action dog training helps your dog with basic obedience.
8. An Action Dog can be worked year around and most anywhere. If you have a
sporting/working/hound/ terrier, and don’t want to hunt. Here is a solution.
For informational videos please go to
ASSOCIATION.  We will be updating videos on a
regular basis so please check back.