Judge Qualifications
Official Action Dog Association Judge Qualifications:

First and foremost a Acton Dog Judge is an ambassador of the sport. Education and
fun are the keys to Action Dog Success. To obtain a Action Dog Judging License
one must have fulfilled one of two qualifications. The first way to qualify is the
mentor system. That is monitor and have 4 mentors’ signatures, then pass the
Action Dog Association Judges exam.
The second way to become a Judge a person must have Judged or Titled dogs in a
performance sport to be automatically eligible to apply and take the approval exam.
The exam information comes from the ADA training guide information. They must
score above 85% on a closed book test to receive Judging Certification. Test is
scored by Action Dog Association.

Qualifying Performance Events:
Agility, Barn Hunt, CGC (Canine Good Citizen), Conformation Championship, Earth
Dog, Field Trail, Rally, Retriever Trial, Obedience, Night Hunts.
The Judges responsibility is to know and enforce the Action Dog Association rules.
Judges must provide day of pre-handler instruction via handouts which provide
item locations for Excellent levels and answer any Handler questions.  Fill out and
sign score sheets. The Judges must be able to communicate efficiently to help
handler be successful.
  Action Dog Association